About Us

Who is FrameWright?

FrameWright Principal Tom Schierholz has 13 years of in-house law firm and legal marketing experience — writing lawyer bios, practice pages, client alerts and white papers as well as developing law firm brands, graphics and style guides, and managing communications teams. He has more than 25 years experience crafting messages which drive results.

Tom is a former staff writer and radio reporter for The Christian Science Monitor, holds a Ph.D. in political science from Columbia University, and speaks, reads, and writes English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

What does FrameWright mean?

A frame is everything around a message that determines how the message is received and understood.

Take, for example, the term “government regulation.” Depending on who is talking (or listening), “government regulation” could mean “essential protections for workers and the environment” or “burdensome rules which are costly to businesses.”

A wright is a craftsman, as in wheelwright or playwright.

FrameWright is devoted to the proposition that the most effective communication involves not simply great writing. The most effective communication involves great writing that is created with a deep understanding of the intended audience – its interests and biases, unique circumstances and blindspots, outlook and aspirations.

Tom Schierholz, Ph.D.
Principal, FrameWright